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↑ Eliot Coleman, Wendell Berry, Gary Nabhan, and Vandana Shiva, from our ongoing portrait series 

Culinary & Agricultural Photography

Broken Banjo's culinary and agricultural background shines through in our food photography. 

Sure, we can photograph food. But we can also cook it, prepare it, chop it, balance it, and probably enjoy it a little bit too.

We work with restaurants, chefs,  food producers, and farmers of all types.

We know how important a sharp knife, a clean cutting board, and your mise en place are, and we will help your recipe, your brand, or your product come through in imagery.

Email or call anytime.

We will work on your food projects in our studios or in-house where you work.

In fact, we prefer operating within your restaurant or your place of production, with the hands of you and your staff. This builds the reality of your product, and keeps everyone up to their highest standards.

Looking forward to working with you!

Agricultural Photography

We specialize in food & agricultural media.

We have visited hundreds of farms, recording the voices, faces, artifacts, and elements of food systems, from seed to soil to plate.

Services for farms & food business include:   

     🚜     Aerial Photography and Video   

 🚜     Stock Photography development for websites and general promotion     

🚜     Promotional video     

🚜     Event documentation     

🚜     Branding     

🚜     Signage for markets, products, wines, and displays     

🚜     Sampling your food and letting you know it's delicious!

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