Statement of sustainability

Broken Banjo sees photography as a means of entering current perspectives into the historical record. With that understanding, we seek clients who encourage economic, social and environmental sustainability; those are the individuals and organizations making positive impacts in the world today.

Trav Williams, owner and operator of Broken Banjo Photography has a background in agroecology, anthropology and food systems, as well as photography. Through these lenses, he is intimately aware of the importance of environmental practices through entire supply chains and service systems.

With these understandings, Broken Banjo Photography:

• Supports agricultural organizations that promote positive agroecological principles, sustainability, and healthy food systems;

• Seeks clients demonstrating leadership and consciousness of sustainable practices, especially those working with food and agriculture;

• Promotes solidarity of, and becomes a part of, the communities in which we work;

• Chooses camera and computer equipment made by companies who track and analyze their environmental and social impacts, and clearly attempt to improve their influence in those areas;

• Chooses to work with printing labs who have found a balance of quality and environmental impact;

• Chooses, when viable, to use small printing labs in Broken Banjo’s home region of the Pacific Northwest;

• Offers discounts to most nonprofits and agricultural organizations;

• Uses public and low-impact transportation when possible, such as Car2Go and train systems;

• Pays assistants and subcontractors at least living-wage rates;

• Supports as many small, local businesses as possible through its operations including grocery stores, farmers, cafes, coffee producers and service providers.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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