Real Estate & Rentals

Photography & Video


Basic single-building shoot:

• Every room in the home (assuming they are desired and prepared to be photographed), from multiple angles if possible

• Shots of the outside of the house from multiple angles

• Image touchups as necessary

• Ready-to-use images delivered digitally

• Cropping to your specific dimension needs

• 5 day turnaround or faster for delivery

Aerial photography (using quadcopter/drones) Includes:

• 4-6 final images, from a variety of angles and levels, assuming the absence of blocking features (large trees, tall buildings, etc.)

• Subject to weather and wind conditions.

• May require shooting on a different date.

Video services:

• Raw clips delivered to you for editing

• 3 minute edited video, ready-to-show, with branding and custom keywording

Other Services:

• Image branding

• Graphic design

• 360-degree Photography

Pre-payment of 5 or more shoots results in a 20% discount from the per-shoot cost.

Please get in touch with any questions!

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