A good chunk of your life so far has been spent in in school.

Your friends are all on the edge of wandering far and wide, off to new adventures.

You might be staying, you might be going, but this is the culmination of the years that have defined you thus far.

Your philosophies.

Your interests.

Your hobbies.

Your style.

These have been years that you'll look back on and think about. You've experienced new ideas, stress, doubt, epiphanies, questions, satisfaction, and you've realized a million things about life.

It's time to document you, and feature yourself the way that you want to be seen, the way you see yourself.

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Solo sessions or group session with your friends are available. Why not make senior portraits an experience? Gather your favorite folks around you, and let us know where you'd like to go!



•Digital downloads from the session, with plenty of print options on paper, canvas, and metal.

•The ability to print through us (we will help put packages together as needed) or anywhere else you choose.

•A gallery hosted on our website that can be shared or used as an archive for downloading in the future.

If desired, we can upload images directly to social media.

•We can also send images directly to your school or yearbook, as long as you give us the contact info and your top photo choices!




Super Simple - $90

•Basic Headshots, at a location of your choosing, on a neutral backdrop (white, grey, blue, etc.)

•Only takes about 30 minutes

•Usually results in 4-7 final images

Basic Environmental Portrait Session - $225

•About an hour

•Headshots and full-body portraits anywhere you choose

•Single outfit

•Usually results in 12-20 unique images

FULL Session - $290

•Up to 2 hours

•Headshots and full-body portraits anywhere you choose

•Any number of outfits

•Any number of locations within that time

•Bring along props, tools, gear, and whatever else you'd like in the shots! Let's get creative!

•Usually results in 25-35 unique portraits.

Extreme Session - $625

•Makeup and styling included

•Includes consultation with stylist and photographer prior to the shoot

•We can go traditional, weird, or wild!

•Up to 4 hours, including travel to any locations you like; want to bounce from the coast to the city to the forest? Let's do it all!

•Any number of outfits and locations.

•Results in lots of images to pick from, all of which are yours to keep.

•Also includes a full set of 4x6 prints of all final images.

Ryan G., Bend Oregon
Photo by Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography,  <a href=""></a>
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